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Featured editorial – Wed Magazine

My work was recently featured in Wed Magazine – Issue 25. You can read the full article below.


Bursting with vibrant abstract motifs and floral themes, Abi Withers’ paintings are a miasma of candy coloured canvases and sun-dappled scenes that shimmer with coloured varnishes and glitters. Her flair for tone and texture is evident in every piece – each one inspired by the wild flowers and grasses of the Cornish countryside in which she grew up.
Although it is possible to browse Abi’s gallery and order a painting
in a similar style to one online, every painting she produces is unique and carefully considered. Every picture is undertaken with a fresh perspective and can be tailored to suit the colour, theme or mood that you would like to create, as Abi explains, “Even though I have a colour palette on my website, people like to send me things in exactly the right shade; I’ve had everything from cushion covers to photos of kettles – even a pair of knickers! There is never a dull moment when it comes to a personal commission.”

“I feel a painting represents a lasting memory of a very special event in someone’s life.” One such event is a wedding and Abi is committed to creating a piece that will be treasured as a keepsake for many years to come. Using the bridal bouquet or colour scheme as a starting point, Abi develops her final piece in collaboration with the person responsible for the commission, whether this is the bride and groom or a thoughtful guest. Working from the specifications of the room in which the painting will be hung, Abi uses shape and tone (from soft summer pastels to warm, golden tones) in order to produce a piece as organic as the commissioning process itself.

With six sizes of canvas in stock and the option to order an alternative, Abi’s paintings can sprinkle a little magic into a neglected space or light up a room entirely.

A gallery of Abi’s work is available online at or you can contact her at Commissions start at £35 for a 10×10 canvas, but if you’re not sure about whether this sort of gift will be appreciated by the bride, wife, daughter, friend in question, Abi believes you should ask yourself this question: “What woman doesn’t like sparkle?” It’s so true.